Chippenham Hospital
April 16, 2019

New robot allows for greater precision, efficiency during surgery

Richmond, VA — HCA Virginia’s Chippenham Hospital performed the country’s first total knee replacement surgery this week using the latest robotic technology.

David Miller, Sr., M.D., orthopedic surgeon, is the first ever to implant the Persona TM Press Fit Total Knee using the new Rosa Knee Robotic System®, developed to assist surgeons in optimizing their accuracy and efficiency when planning and performing total knee replacement procedures.

“Using this new technology allows for a more personalized surgical plan for the patient, which ultimately will result in better individualization and greater accuracy,” said Miller. “We are proud to be the first hospital in the country to offer this procedure and the chance at a better quality of life for our knee replacement patients.”

This new technology produces an accurate 3D virtual image of the knee based on 2D pre-operative x-rays. The surgeon is able to utilize the program’s sophisticated software to formulate a precise surgical plan which, with guidance from the robotic arm, can be confidently and accurately executed during the procedure.

“Being able to offer this latest technology to our patients is a reflection of our expert care and commitment to innovation," said Zach McCluskey, interim chief executive officer of Chippenham & Johnston-Willis Hospitals. “We are proud to be leaders in robotic-assisted surgery and we remain dedicated to providing excellence in quality care for those we serve.”

Miller and Miles Birmingham, D.O., performed additional knee replacement procedures this week using the latest technology.

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