Adult Services

Depending on patient condition and needs, Tucker Pavilion at Chippenham Hospital offers a variety of programs and services for mental health care. We provide treatment for conditions like thought disorders, substance use disorders and affective disorders, among others. Our professional mental health team assesses each patient to determine the program and treatment plan that may be most effective for each patient.

Inpatient behavioral health services are designed to provide intensive inpatient treatment to voluntary and involuntary adult patients aged 18 years and older. Our inpatient services range from medication management to relapse prevention programs. Supportive involvement from your family or support network is strongly encouraged. To provide the highest quality of care in a comfortable setting, patients are grouped with others of similar age and needs.

Each patient is unique and progress toward treatment goals is evaluated daily; however, the average length of a hospital stay is five to seven days. Our inpatient recovery team includes professionals from multiple disciplines who provide a wide range of services, including medical care, therapies, discharge planning and education groups.

The primary treatment team members communicate daily to identify strengths, progress towards treatment goals, and continuing care needs.

Primary treatment team members include:

  • Patient and family
  • Psychiatrist – who is the attending physician
  • Nursing staff
  • Clinical care manager
  • Activities therapist

Supportive treatment team members can include:

  • Social worker
  • Psychologist
  • Primary care physician
  • Specialty physicians as clinically indicated

Family and friends are an important part of stabilization. Patients may make/receive calls during visitation times following therapeutic activities. Please limit visitors to two at a time to afford staff dedicated time to assist with questions/needs.

Adult Visitation
Mon - Fri: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Weekends / Holidays: 12:00pm – 2:00pm and 6:00pm – 8:00pm

The Partial Hospitalization Program provides an intense, structured treatment setting for individuals who have difficulty maintaining current daily routines due to depression, anxiety or other behavioral health symptoms and who could benefit from intensive, immediate, outpatient supports and an evaluation by a psychiatrist.

The patient-centered treatment program provides flexible treatment options that are less intensive than an inpatient hospitalization but more supportive than outpatient therapy alone. The program offers treatment during the day with the convenience of being home with loved ones in the evening. The program also provides flexibility for providers who can directly refer to the Partial Hospitalization Program.

This program is designed to help patients who:

  • Are ages 18 and older
  • May be experiencing emotional difficulties
  • May have symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or other obstacles when functioning in everyday situations
  • Need support to achieve stabilization
  • Need to develop coping skills, learn to manage stress, and have coaching for goal achievement
  • May have recently had an inpatient psychiatric admission and need to step-down to a structured support program


  • Patient-centered goal setting and treatment planning
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Medication evaluation
  • Group, individual and family interventions
  • Life skills practice opportunities
  • Evidence-based recovery model

For more information about our adult partial hospitalization program please call (804) 521-8975.

View our Adult Partial Hospitalization Program Schedule

24-Hour Behavioral Health Access Line: (804) 483-0050