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We Deliver Superior Maternity Care

So you're having a baby. Whether it's your first or fourth, you want an experience you'll cherish, and that goes as smoothly as possible. A quiet, comfortable environment that gives you precious time to care for and bond with your newborn awaits you at Chippenham Hospital, with rooms in which you will labor, deliver, recover, and spend your precious first days with your baby.

Chippenham Hospital's maternity unit offers all of that and more. We give every patient superior care in a warm, inviting environment. You can take comfort in knowing that we consistently rank among the nation's best for high-quality care, patient safety, patient satisfaction, and health outcomes.

From the moment you walk in the door, yours and your baby's health are in the caring, experienced hands of world-class physicians and specially trained nurses with access to the latest medical technologies. You and your precious baby are going to receive the highest level of care available.

A Personal Touch

We strive to make your baby's birth a safe, warm, individualized experience that you’ll cherish forever. Our experienced nurses and staff will provide you with personal attention throughout your visit. Our team is dedicated to caring for you and your newborn during your labor, delivery and recovery. It's just one more way we help you develop a greater level of comfort and trust, and have a memorable birth experience.

What Makes Chippenham Hospital Special

Childbirth classes. Our childbirth educators are here to guide new parents through a variety of in-depth classes that cover topics such as family-centered maternity care, birthing options, relaxation and breathing techniques for labor and delivery, and baby care basics, such as how to properly install a car seat.

Deluxe rooms. Our rooms are designed for mom's comfort and baby's care. We provide all-private, labor and delivery rooms and private postpartum rooms. There are accommodations for a labor partner or spouse. There is kitchen access for moms, and even an extra bed for a guest in most of our postpartum rooms.

Security. Security for you and your baby is of utmost importance to our entire team. In addition to locked and monitored units, we have several special measures in place to ensure infant safety.

Advanced NICU. While no one wants to imagine anything but the smoothest of deliveries, complications can occur. It's vital that the hospital you choose for your delivery is prepared to handle any fetal emergency and treat even the smallest of babies. Our Level III NICU is staffed with clinical teams whose wealth of experience and care for Richmond's babies are beyond compare. That's why many area physicians insist that their high-risk patients deliver at our hospital.

Cuddlers. Research shows that babies who are held and given special attention grow faster and have shorter hospital stays. Our Cuddler Program pairs carefully trained volunteers to help hold, read to, and console our NICU babies when a parent can't be present.

Internet access. We understand that you want to share the news of your little one with friends and family. Our hospitals have free wireless internet access so if you have a laptop or other device, you can email photos right from your bedside. If your husband or partner is serving our country and away for your delivery, our Patriot Baby Program will make it possible for them to be a part of your special day via webcam.

Once You're Home

After you have your baby, we know that your journey into parenthood is just beginning. We offer support services far beyond labor and delivery, and some of those are listed below:

Breastfeeding classes and lactation consultants. Through both individualized, private consultations and group classes, our internationally board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLC) help you learn about all aspects of infant feeding and the health benefits of breastfeeding. After discharge, call us at (804) 483-2253 with questions about breastfeeding or requests for at-home consultations, breast pumps, or supplies.

Postpartum support group. Having a baby can be one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life, but can also be one of the most stressful. Spending time with other women who have experienced the same feelings you have can be not only comforting, but healing. This is a safe place to share what works and what doesn’t, coping strategies and how the transition home can be made easier by having a place to follow up with questions and situations that present after discharge.

Depression counseling. Some new moms struggle with postpartum depression, or the "baby blues." Tucker Pavilion at Chippenham offers outstanding behavioral health services and provides treatment and/or referrals for moms who need it. If you're experiencing symptoms of depression, call Tucker Pavilion 24/7 at (804) 483-0050.

Peds ER, Pediatrics, and PICU. When an accident happens or illness occurs, our full-service pediatric team is available. Board-certified pediatricians are on-site 24/7 to care for the littlest patients, and all of our pediatric units are designed and staffed to meet their needs.

Choosing an Obstetrician and Pediatrician

When it comes to healthcare, you have a choice, and we're glad you're considering the team at Chippenham Hospital to deliver your baby. Check with your plan provider for a current list of participating obstetricians. If you haven't already chosen a pediatrician, call Consult-A-Nurse®, our 24/7 physician referral and health information service, at (804) 320-DOCS or (804) 320-3627. Our team of registered nurses are there when you need them and can guide you through selecting the perfect physician for your family.

If you choose within the family of HCA Virginia Physicians, you can book your appointment directly online with one of our women's health providers.