Chippenham Hospital's occupational health and workplace wellness services are designed to connect local companies and their employees to health-related activities in the most convenient care settings. Offering both occupational health and workplace wellness services, we can help you make the most of your ongoing investment in your employees.

Occupational Health Services

Our occupational health services meet Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requirements for health and safety by covering key issues, such as pre-employment physicals, 24/7 emergency injury care, Medical Review Officer (MRO), laboratory services and more.

Occupational health services include:

We can help enhance your recruitment and retention efforts and meet your goals for a healthy and safe workforce with annual, new-hire and surveillance physical examinations.

We also offer a full range of drug, alcohol and substance abuse screenings, as well as Medical Review Officer (MRO) interpretation and evaluation of test results from specimens, medical histories and other relevant biomedical information. Our laboratories provide comprehensive screening and analysis to support your healthy workplace goals.

If you or your employees travel outside the United States, enlist the services of our travel medicine clinic in advance to help you stay healthy while away from the office. We keep up-to-date on health topics through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). We also offer vaccinations appropriate for the destinations on your itinerary

If you have last-minute or unexpected travel plans, you can still benefit from our services. We offer information about health and travel issues such as jet lag, altitude sickness and traveler's diarrhea, and provide vaccines and prescriptions you may need while traveling.

With treatment available 24/7 through our neighborhood clinics and facilities, Chippenham Hospital takes care of your employees when they are hurt on the job. Our certified occupational health staff and medical specialists respond quickly to injuries, ensuring faster, fuller recovery. We also provide return-to-work evaluations and conditioning.

Support your employees' speedy recovery and encourage a safe return to work, family, and community with our occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) services.

Learn more about the comprehensive rehabilitation, occupational therapy (OT), and physical therapy (PT) services offered at Chippenham Hospital.

Chippenham Hospital helps you save time and resources, improve safety practices, reduce anxiety and absenteeism, enhance healthy behaviors, and boost productivity by offering customized healthcare services to employees on-site at your business location.

Workplace Wellness

HCA Virginia’s workplace wellness services bridge the gap between traditional wellness programs and local doctors and providers, ensuring your employees are connected with the most effective health programs for their unique needs.

Workplace wellness services include:

HCA Virginia's business health professionals offer a wide range of wellness classes and programs that can be customized to meet the needs of your employees and the goals of your business. Choose convenient sites where your employees can gather to learn more about taking charge of their own health through education and training on nutrition, weight management, smoking cessation, behavior modification and more.

Having primary care physicians and getting annual exams can help employees stay well by detecting diseases and conditions in earlier stages, but approximately 40 percent of employees don’t have primary care physicians. HCA Virginia’s PCP Connect program is designed to help employees stay healthy by finding the right primary care physician for themselves and their families.

HCA Virginia’s team of registered nurses provides on-site biometric screenings to help your employees understand their current health status. From there, we build customized solutions to improve their health and wellness, working to increase productivity and drive down healthcare costs. Additionally, we can arrange mammograms, prostrate screenings, skin cancer screenings and much more.

HCA Virginia provides a combination of personal health assessments and biometric screenings to gain a complete picture of the health of your workforce. An added advantage to partnering with HCA Virginia is that you own the aggregate data of your workforce, unlike other PHA providers. Ownership of the data allows your human resource and wellness professionals to monitor and trend health status over time.

Our Privacy Standards

HCA Virginia maintains all tests, assessments, results and participant files to privacy standards set by The Joint Commission, a healthcare provider accrediting agency, and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

Contact Us

Patients: For questions about services provided at our Chippenham Hospital Occupational Health Clinic please call: (804) 483-1708.

Employers: For questions about Workplace Wellness programs offered by HCA, please call (804) 332-0947.