Advanced urology care.

Chippenham Hospital provides advanced urology care for conditions of the male and female urinary tract–the bladder, kidneys, ureter and urethra–and the male reproductive organs.

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Our skilled urologists bring compassion, expertise and the most innovative practices and technologies to your care. Together, we'll determine the best treatment possible to restore your quality of life.

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Urologic conditions we treat.

We treat most urologic conditions, including urinary obstructions, such as kidney stones, and flow problems.

Expert surgeons, leading-edge care.

Chippenham Hospital’s experienced urologists use the most effective, least invasive treatment options available when possible. They're specially trained in minimally invasive procedures such as da Vinci® robotic surgery which is ideal for delicate urologic surgeries such as prostatectomies. Requiring only tiny incisions, the robotic treatment tool can help spare surrounding nerves. Robotic procedures also minimize the physical and emotional impact of surgery, shorten your hospital stay and typically result in a speedier recovery.

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