What to expect from our emergency room

Our emergency room staff is committed providing you and your family with the highest quality of cost-effective emergency care. We want you know what to expect when you enter our emergency room and make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

Triage process

The first step in visiting Chippenham Hospital's emergency room is working with the triage nurse to understand your symptoms. Triage is how our ER staff gathers information about your vital signs and your illness in order to give the doctor vital information prior to their exam.

ER registration

After meeting with the triage nurse, you will be taken to a bed if there is one available. A registration coordinator will either come to your bed side or have a family member assist with completing your registration. If you have your insurance information with you, please have it ready to present.

Please note hospital policy that patients with life-threatening issues or serious medical conditions will be prioritized.

During the triage and registration process, please make sure to update your phone number and address, as we may need to notify you of lab results after discharge. If no bed is available, you will be called by one of our registration coordinators who will assist with your registration.

Examination and treatment

You will receive an initial examination by a doctor and may be taken to radiology for X-rays, or have your blood drawn for testing, and then be returned to your room. Once the medical team has your results, the emergency physician will discuss your condition with you and prescribe a course of treatment.

Please be aware that pain cannot be treated without a physician order.

After testing is complete, the physician will determine if you can be released from the ER or will be admitted to the hospital for additional treatment or recovery.