Wound healing center in Richmond

Chippenham and Johnston-Willis Hospitals’ Wound Healing Center is nationally recognized for successfully treating wounds that don't heal with standard care. Our doctors and other team members work with you and your doctor to evaluate your condition and create an individualized treatment plan that uses the most advanced approach to wound care.

To learn more about our wound care services, call us at (804) 483-4045.

The doctors at our Wound Healing Center have extensive experience in wound care and vascular surgery. Our specialists work with experts from other disciplines, who collaborate on your behalf to customize your treatment.

Our team consists of a family practice physician certified by the American Board of Wound Medicine and Surgery, a vascular surgeon and a nurse practitioner. You benefit from the combined expertise of surgical and infectious disease specialists, endocrinologists, nurses, home health providers, educators, case managers and rehabilitation therapists.

Types of wounds we treat

Our Wound Healing Center treats a wide range of chronic, recurrent, non-healing and acute wounds, including:

  • Pressure, arterial, venous leg and diabetic foot ulcers
  • Complications from radiation or surgery
  • bone or tissue infections
  • gangrene
  • burns

Burn treatments

Chippenham's burn treatment experts include highly experienced doctors, nurses and rehabilitation therapists.

Always remember to go directly to our hospital’s emergency room if you require immediate care. If the burn you receive isn’t an urgent situation, we also offer outpatient burn care, physical therapy and rehabilitation, scar management, compression therapy and functional assessments.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)

Our hospital was the first in central Virginia to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), one of the most advanced treatment options available for healing wounds.

This treatment is typically outpatient and involves breathing pure oxygen for about two hours in a sealed, pressurized environment to help push oxygen into your blood plasma. HBOT stimulates blood vessel growth in damaged tissues and is effective in fighting some types of infection.

HBOT is also used for post-radiation care in areas of the breast, head and neck and compromised skin flaps to provide oxygen to the tissue in an attempt to salvage it.

Additionally, HBOT is a treatment for many dive injuries. Transport to a hospital with HBOT capabilities is a high priority. For any diving accident occurring in the metro Richmond area, the injured diver should be transported to Chippenham for immediate care.

Diabetic limb salvage program

The Wound Healing Center’s diabetic limb salvage program is designed to provide high-quality and compassionate healthcare dedicated to diabetic limb salvage through a streamlined, multispecialty network. Our goal is to promote overall health and optimize lower extremity leg function. Our team works closely with the Diabetic Care Center team.

Call us at (804) 483-4043 to speak to our diabetes nurse navigator.